The Celtic Wisdom Oracle

Spirit Earth

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In traditional societies around the world ancestors are regarded as living beings, profoundly interested in their descendants and available to be consulted on the key issues faced in daily life. The Celtic Oracle is your key to unlocking the wisdom of your distant ancestors. It includes a deck of 40 cards and an 80-page book which explains in detail how to use the oracle and interpret the cards. The deck consists of eight divine ancestor cards representing stages in spiritual growth and development. Each of these divine beings functions as a sacred male or female ancestor to four major clan groupings, one for each of the Celtic seasons - Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasa and Samhain. Within the clans are a further 32 powerful archetypes including the Warrior, the Maiden, the Queen and the Hunter. Before each reading the user devises a clear and conscious question and asks to receive the oracle's wisdom. You may wish to draw a single card for immediate guidance on an issue, or you can use spreads of between three and eight cards for more in-depth readings. This is an essential kit for everyone seeking enlightenment and guidance via the rich insights of Celtic wisdom.