Candle Colour Guide

GOLD - The God, Sun, Male Energy, Success, Wealth, Money, Masculinity, Luck, Victory

SILVER - The Goddess, Female Energy, Moon, Moon Magic, Removes Negativity, Protection, Meditation

BLACK - Protection, Hex Breaking, Reversing, Destroying evil or negativity, Binding. Also used for healing very powerfull illnesses

WHITE - Dawn, Purification, Peace, Truth, Protection, Spirituality. White can be used in place of any other colour candle and is sutiable for any ritual

RED - Energy, Health, Passion, Sex, Protection, Fire, Fertility, Fast action, Strength, Potency, Lust, Blood

DARK BLUE - Peace, Harmony, Truthfulness, Sleep, Dream Work, Patience, Wisdom, Healing, Pscyhic

LIGHT BLUE- Peace, Calm, Loosing weight, Wisdom, Understanding, Protection, Harmony, Inspiration, Truth, Health and Happiness, Luck, Communication

GREEN - Plant Magic, Mother earth, Earth Worship, Money, Success, Growth, Wealth, Physical Healing, Health, Marriage, Fertility, Employment, Balance

YELLOW - Action, Inspiration and Creativity, Studying, Intelligence, Concentration, Memory, Logic, Learning, Attraction

PINK - Love, Friendship, Romance, Honor, Spiritual Healing, Caring, Affection, Forming Partnerships, Peace

ORANGE . Happiness, Business deals, Attracting good things, Success, Growth, Goals, Stimulation, Attraction, Power, Luck

PURPLE . Divination, Psychic Awareness, Psychic Manifestations, Power, Success, Financial Rewards, Independence, Spirituality, Third Eye, Wisdom, Higher self, Ambition

BROWN . Grounding, Healing Animals, Locating lost items, Foundations, Masculinity,