Sardonyx 20-30mm

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Sardonyx is a variant of Onyx in which the coloured bands are sard (shades of red) rather than black.


Sardonyx is a stone of strength and protection. It helps you search for a meaningful existence and promotes integrity and virtuous conduct.
It brings lasting happiness and stability to marriage and partnerships. Sardonyx attracts friends and good fortune. You can ward/grid the house and garden to prevent crime. After visualising the stones purpose through meditation place a stone at each corner of your property and at doors and windows, but is is more effective to dowse for the right places.

Favours luck, friendship, happiness and good fortune; a gamblers stone; Stone of strength and protection enhances will power, integrity, stamina and vigour; Also a good stone for marriage Use in a grid to protect the home.

Sardonyx gives you will power and strengthens you character. It increases stamina, vigour and self control. It will ease depression and overcome hesitancy. Sardonyx improves your perception of others and helps you process the information that you receive.