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Our home is a sanctuary but certain chemicals and synthetic materials can cause medical problems as well as harm the environment. "Pure Living", now available trade-wide, is a practical guide to help combat this. Create a beautiful, comfortable and healthy home for all the family, reduce your exposure to harmful household chemicals and sick building syndrome. You can source chemical-free cosmetics, food, baby goods, cleaning materials, DIY and bedding or even whip up a delicious detoxing smoothie, create an indulgent home spa or turn your bedroom into a haven of slumber. Charts and questionnaires, as well as tips from celebrities including Linda Barker and Antony Worrall Thompson, ensure that "Pure Living" will inspire anyone who wants to make their home a truly safe place. In each chapter, ideas are provided for those who want to do just one practical thing as well as more detailed solutions to specific problems and hazards in the home. The author specialises in health, wellbeing, and alternative lifestyles. Her work has appeared in leading publications including the "Guardian", the "Independent", and the "Evening Standard".