Oracle of the Pagan Spirit

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The Oracle of the Pagan Spirit is a fantastical journey into the realms of the old gods, the spirits of the otherworld and those magical practitioners who serve them. Designed to be both an oracle of Divination and a series of evocative images that can be used in meditation and invocation the deck uses inspired and channelled psychic optical art to create images that shimmer and move as you gaze at them, revealing hidden symbols and images within their jewel like colours and multiple layers. Take a journey down the hidden pathways of the Goddess Elen with the Cunning Man by your side to visit the Elemental Kings. Call upon the power of the Morrigan to fortify your courage or the healing powers of the Goddess of Spring. Reawaken your magick and discover new allies of power in the hidden world of the Pagan Spirit.

This 34 card deck comes with an A6 booklet and has been lovingly created by Andrew Helme - journeyman and hedgewitch and Edwin Courtenay spiritual teacher, Magician and optical artist under direct inspiration from the Gods. It is their offering to the spirit of Pagans everywhere in perfect love and perfect trust.