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Allspice Berries (Pimenta dioica) are used for luck in money, business and gambling as well as bringing peace of mind.

Allspice Berries are used for drawing good money luck in business and gambling. Additionally they can be used for healing work and bringing about peace of mind.

Some ideas for magical uses:

Burn Allspice, Cinnamon and Benzoin on a Charcoal to bring about money luck.

Carry a pinch of Allspice, Borage and a Cacao bean in a Red mojo bag to drive away the blues and bring in more optimism. 

Press Allspice Berries into the side of a green beeswax candle creating the shape of a dollar sign to make a powerful money-drawing candle. 

Add allspice to your cooking and pray over it to bring money luck.