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Dill is an excellent spiritual cleansing herb as well as being useful for court case, prosperity, love and protection work. 

Some ideas for magical uses:

Hang a red flannel bag with 13 Dill seeds over your front door to keep away negative people.

Soak in a bath with Dill seeds before seeing your lover or finding a new one to make yourself irresistible.

For a court case, write the names of the other parties on paper, wrap the paper around a pinch of Dill seed and place it in the freezer until you have resolved your case.

Place a pinch of Dill seed in a red flannel bag along with Angelica Root and Rue to wear as a mojo to prevent illnesses cause by spiritual conditions. 

Dress a Scales of Justice candle in Court Case oil and roll in Dill before a court date to tip the scales of justice in your favor 

Burn Dill on a charcoal along with Damiana, Patchouli and Copal resin to create an incense to bring in a loving relationship.