Black Snake Root (Cohosh)

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Native Americans of the Eastern United States highly valued this delightful, conspicuous member of the Buttercup family with its tall flower spike that rises brightly from the thicket of the forest floor. The first settlers soon learned the benefits of this amazing herb and used it as the Indians taught them, for muscular aches and pains, and, most importantly, as an excellent regulating herb for 'female complaints'. Black Cohosh rose to fame with the Eclectic branch of medicine, which valued it highly, but almost sunk into oblivion when the eclectic fad faded away. However, it was noted by some Europeans who took it back to England and Germany. The English planted it in their gardens, while the Germans took it to the laboratory. Thus the knowledge about this wonderful healing herb was preserved even though in its native land it had been all but forgotten, until recently. As baby boomers are confronted with the first signs of menopause they are looking for alternatives to the conventional hormone replacement therapy and Black Cohosh is one of the best herbs to fit the bill.

Magical Uses:

Sacred to the great Goddess Black Cohosh is used in the female mysteries. Black Cohosh is an ally for women at the initiation into the 3rd phase of womanhood. It offers protection and inner guidance by connecting body and soul. It can be used to assimilate the wisdom of the wise wound and draw upon its creative power.