Arcana the Shaman

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Standing barefoot on bare, worn stone, this young woman wears a shimmering floor-length hooded cloak, open at the front to reveal her considerably shorter blue dress. Her left hand rests on an enchanted staff standing taller than she is to the right of her, topped with a blue crystal, while her left hand holds a viciously curved dagger in front of her, ready to defend herself. On her belt hangs the tools of her mystic trade – small herb pouches, talismans and an Irish tam drum – while her long blonde hair hangs down and frames her mysterious gaze. Around her feet, her faithful grey wolf companion lies, staring ahead with the same determined gaze as her, while on her shoulder her falcon stretches its wings threateningly. Painstakingly hand-painted after being cast in the finest resin, this figurine is perfect for those who feel the call of wilderness magic and a mystic connection with animals.