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Lodgepole Pine Copal - The original pine copal used the Mayans! Pinus contorta copal - Wild harvested in Oregon. This sweet smelling resin is a member of the Pinus genus, whose Central American species were used by the Mayans for incense.

To the ancient Mayans, the divine god of the earth extracted copal resin from the tree of life and gave it to humans as a gift. Copal is said to be cleansing and aid in mental and spiritual endeavors. It opens the soul and stimulates creativity and imagination.

Resin incense is absolutely the oldest kind of incense and is allegedly in exactly the same form as used by the three wise men 2,000 years ago. The use of tree resin as an aromatic substance can be traced back much further to over 6,000 years ago. The smoky fragrance produced by burning the resin granules on charcoal discs is quite unique and amazingly evocative. To use place half a teaspoon of the resin incense in the well of a charcoal tablet and place in a holder or on a heat resistant surface.  Light the side of the charcoal tablet which will then smoulder around the rim on its own and slowly heat the incense in the well of the charcoal tablet.  The incense will then simmer away and fill the room with a beautiful aroma. Just a few grains of pure resin incense is enough to fragrance a house. The resin comes packaged in a plastic jar with screw lid.